The View


When the neighbourhoods of Kildebjerg Ry and the golf course were established, the former Ry Municipality bought a couple of farms each owning a plot of woodland in Siim Forest.

The municipality gave the plots to the Danish Nature Agency, which also bought some more of the forest, so that today the state owns about 112 acres in Siim Forest, just north of Kildebjerg Ry. Siim Forest has stunning views over Knudsø (Knud’s Lake) and Knudå valley towards the north and northwest. Knudsø and the Knudå valley lie in what the geologists call a rift valley. Rift valleys are huge faults dating back millions of years caused by earthquakes and ruptures deep underground. Since then, successive ice ages have modeled the terrain’s surface, and the rift valleys have been partially filled with gravel and sand washed down from the highlands and into the valleys by meltwater and rainfall. On the high slopes of the rift valley you can see protruding isolated hillocks, which in the Lakelands are called tops. These are remnants of the highlands, which on several sides are surrounded by deep gullies. The result is a very varied and distinctive terrain with steep and almost inaccessible cliffs. The vantage points in Siim Forest and on the Himmelbjerg are tops. Geologically they are also described as “fake hills.” The vantage points of the hilltops change as the Danish Nature Agency thins and cuts the trees and vegetation, revealing new vantage points and views. But the Agency also plants new tree saplings casuing existing views to disappear as the new trees grow. Since 1805, Siim Forest has been forest reserve. This means that the forest will remain forest forever. The Danish Nature Agency is responsible for ensuring a healthy and stable forest with a diversity of tree species and ages.