Sabotage attempt against the Wehrmacht’s Vehicle Repair Park 21-10-1942

Bjelkes Allé no. 16, where the bomb was found. Below “a” you can see the grate, where the sack with the bomb was.

German soldiers during the controlled blasting. The bomb was laid in a 1mtr deep hole, and after which it was blasted with 3 explosive devices.

Close up picture of the bomb before blasting. Because of the relative weakness of the detonation, it was believed to conclude that it did not contain explosives, but only was filled with gun powder.


An attempt was made to explode a 15 kg bomb in front of the property. The bomb was discovered and transported to a forest near Skodsborg, where a controlled explosion was carried out.



Bjelkes Allé 16


0 København


Hans Petersen, Johny Peter Nielsen, Harald Ferdinand Nielsen og Victor Emanuel Larsen.

AS-11657, UK-1864

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Esben Kjeldbæk: Sabotageorganisationen BOPA, 1997.