Sabotage against two trucks which belonged to Fish Exporter Rasmus Jørgensen 15-08-1943

The storage yard at the Harbors’ southern side as viewed from the south west direction. “a” shows the place where lorry M571 with trailer was parked.” d” shows the place, where the not-detonated fire bomb 7 was found...

Firebomb remains. Taken in custody during the police investigations. The numbers marked in the picture refer to the evidence collection of the police.

Lorry M531. About in the center of the left side of the box, you can see burning and charring from the firebomb that was placed on the cover plate near the car’s gas motor.

Lorry M531 and its trailer seen from the back with open back doors. At the time of the crime it was loaded with empty fish crates.

Close up picture of the damage the explosives caused to the right rear wheel of lorry M531. The bomb was probably placed on the suspension, from where it is ripped apart.

The inside of the box on lorry M4169. Firebomb ”3” was placed in the right corner.

The passage between Dosseringen and L.A. Larsensvej at "b" it is marked, where the lorry M4169 was parked.

The sabotaged lorry M4169. The bonnet and most of the engine are blown away.

The front window’s inside corner of the box on Lorry M4169, where firebomb ”4” was located.

The sabotaged lorry M4179. Most of the bonnet and motor is blasted away.

The garage of fish importer Rasmus Jørgensen. You can see the entrance part, where the saboteurs had unscrewed the hinges of the door in order to get in. The parts where the hinges were unscrewed are marked with red arrows.

Close up of the blasted engine in lorry M4179.

You can see the bottom of the garage toward the entrance area. The ”C” marks the site where lorry M4179 was parked. “C1” marks where the trailer stood. On the floor you can see the remains of the blown-up motor.

Outline of the lot around the Harbor of Kerteminde. ” a" shows the lorry M531 with trailer,” b” shows lorry M4169,” c” shows lorry M4179 with trailer...


The two vehicles were sabotaged by blowing them up with bombs.





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