Sabotage against the laundry business Neptun 21- 04-1944

Overview plan of the burned down laundry location showed in red shading.

The Laundry washing plant viewed from Fynsgade.

Ground plan of the Laundry washing plant.

The Laundry washing plant viewed from Fynsgade. The arrow shows some of the Danish washing that was taken out before the arson.

Ground plan of the property.

The burned down upper floor of the Laundry washing plant, viewed to the north.

The Laundry washing plant with burned down upper floor viewed to the south.

The glass bottle found at the crime scene. The bottle possibly contained an ignition agent like kerosene.


The laundry washed large quantities for the Wehrmacht. The roof of the building and the first floor was burnt down. Subsequently, after the attack a large ink bottle was found containing petroleum.



Fynsgade 11


59 Herning

Johnslev og Kielsgård