Sabotage against the factory Eira, owned by the manufacturer Ernst Rasmussen 01-03-1943

Outline of the entrance conditions to the property, where the company was.

Outline of the sabotaged factory locations. The numbered angles show from where the police have taken the pictures.

1. Factory entrance doors from the main stairs to no. 45.

2. The door to the special machine sewing room to the main stairs no. 45.

3. The door from the sewing workroom and the yarn storage to the main stairs no.45.

4. Company’s sewing room and yard storage.

5. Company’s sewing room and yard storage.

6. The company’s manual sewing room.


The blast from an explosive charge set fire to the top floors of the building, causing major damage on the 6th floor. The lower floors avoided the flames but suffered damage from all the water the fire brigade had to use to tame the fire on the top floors.



Pilestræde 43-45


0 København


Aksel Tørnstrøm og E.O.O. Andersen



KL-685, KL-867

Niels Alkil: Besættelsestidens fakta, 2. bind, 1946.