Sabotage against machine workshop Aros 17-01-1944

Outline of the factory. There was gained entrance through the door marked with ”B”. The 3 explosive charges are marked with “A”.

The factory room viewed from the door to the warehouse.

Factory premises viewed from the tool cage.

Artifacts found during cleanup work. Above 2 unexploded detonators and an unexploded ignition cord. At the bottom some pieces of detonated ignition cord.

The yard area between the factory buildings viewed to the left and the center building.


Three explosions in the machine workshop Aros which belonged to the manufacturer H.G. Ehrenreich. Three turning lathes and two milling machines were totally destroyed, and in addition, all windows were shattered. Some of the windows in the surrounding buildings were also broken.



Tordenskjoldsgade 25


41 Århus

Richard Jacobsen mfl.




Richard Jacobsen (FHM 14065)