Sabotage against a joiners workshop belonging to master joiner Alfred Martin Rasmussen 17-11-1943

Outline of the buildings 1st floor. The black shaded rooms were used for housing, while in the others were respectively a carpentry workshop and a storage room for furniture parts and finished furniture.

The room where the fire started. On the floor along the wall there were found several splashing of cellulose lacquer, which probably was used as means of ignition.

The south side facade of the property. The red arrow marks the window to the room where the fire occurred.

Room with stored furniture parts. Here there also was ignited a fire with the help of cellulose lacquer, while the fire ended being extinguished because of lack of oxygen.


Access was gained to the company by picking the lock on the back door. The fire originated in two rooms, both of which contained stored furniture parts. The company’s own cellulose varnish had been used as an igniter in both rooms.



Valdemarsgade 56


41 Århus