Sabotage against a German military barracks, German trucks and at the lawyer Marius Rasmussent 11-11-1942

Outline of the barrack building and the area around this. The shaded box shows the extent of the fire.

The barrack building viewed from Vesterbro.

The barrack building as viewed from the inside of the fencing towards “Vesterbro”. To the left it shows an unlocked entrance to the area and to the right the outside of the fire-damaged door.

The Hall in between, where the fire was discovered. The outer door was unlocked, while the inside door was locked. This has probably prevented any further access for the saboteur’s to the barrack.


Fire in a German military barracks, in some German trucks and at the lawyer Marius Rasmussen’s property.



Hjørnet af Vesterbro og Korsgade


48 Ålborg

Danmarks Frihedsliga: Lorentzen, Jensen og Jensen C.S.S.: Haxthausen og Pedersen

AS-48-1334, AS-1490