Sabotage against Wehrmacht Storage 09-12-1942

Situation plan of the property. The angle of the pictures is drawn in red, and the door is marked with a cross.

Outline of the cellar room of the company, where the fire started. The angle in the picture is marked in red, the door is marked by a cross, and the hotbed is colored.

4. Stairs to the basement viewed from below. To the right you can see the door to the warehouse.

3. The yard of the property and the gate viewed from the neighboring yard. The red arrow shows the stairs down to the cellar, where the storage room was.

5. The door into the warehouse. The windows on the floor were taken down from the hinges in order to get the fire smoke out of the premises.

7. The warehouse viewed from the entrance. You can clearly see where a lot of inventory was stored.

8. The hotbed of the fire.

10. Close up picture of the hotbed after the foam extinguishers had been cleared to the side.

9. Close up of the hotbed. The containers are empty foam extinguishers, stored in the storage room.

6. The broken paddle lock whereby the saboteurs could gain access to the factory. The red arrow shows the marks which were thought to be from a normal screwdriver.

11. Charred board pieces with respectively undamaged and remains of the partially melted bracket.

12. The warehouse viewed towards the exit. The red arrows mark respectively a lost or tossed match box, and a table lamp with partial burned wrapping paper.


The storehouse contained furniture, office supplies, lamps, foam extinguishers, etc., belonging to the Wehrmacht. The fire went out due to lack of oxygen.



Banegaardsplads 2


41 Århus