Sabotage against Trifolium Seeds (A/S Danish Seed Production Company) 25-08-1943

Outline of the company buildings.

The company buildings viewed from the northeast.

The company barn and storage viewed from the southeast.

Company buildings and Taastrupgaard viewed from the south.

The gate to the tower viewed from northwest.

The center part of the barn viewed from the eastern gate on the south side. In the center you can see the company’s threshing machine.

The store viewed lengthwise from the western gate, where a firefighter continuously is in the process of extinguishing work. At the right in the center you can see the company’s seed cleaner machines.


The company exported seeds to Germany. A Danish guard was suspected of starting the fire with a bottle of alcohol. The guard had previously been suspected of sabotage against a factory in Tåstrup. He subsequently fled to Sweden.



Roskildevej, Taastrupgaard


3 Københavns Amt Søndre Birk

AS-3-427, AS-4-427