Sabotage against Thomas B. Thrige’s Machine Factory

3. The east end of the winding depot. To the right you can see the office, in the background the wired fence to the wire storage and to the left you can see the work tables of the winding depot.

4. The east end of the wrapping plant. There was placed a firebomb near the wire mesh between the two pillars on the left.

5. The factory wire stock.

6. The company’s stator storage.

7. Remains of a firebomb near the office.

8. The west end of the wrapping plant. The arrow shows the weighing machine, where an explosive charged was placed.

9. Shelf by the south wall with the remains of a firebomb. The arrow points at the so called time pencil detonator, a device used for setting the delay of the explosion.

10. Blasting site at the corner of the weighing machine.

11th. Discovered findings of fragments of 4 time-pencils, detonators. The smallest is from the explosive device, while the other 3 are from fire bombs. A “time-pencil” decided how long time there should be before the saboteur wanted the charge to blast.

The south west corner in the winding depot. The red arrow shows a workers’ closet, on which amongst other there is written, that “it was a lady that had set fire to it”.

Close up of the text written with a pencil on the worker’s closet.

Situation outline of the factory and the surrounding area. The factory is bordered by cross-shading, while the fire-damaged building is marked with vertical and horizontal shading.

Special outline of the wrapping depot on the 3rd floor. The placing of the bomb is marked with red circles, while the green figures show the angles of the police pictures.


SOE agents secretly planted 3 firebombs and 1 explosive bomb. These exploded and caused major damage.



Tolderlundsvej 3


27 Odense Købstad





Hæstrup, 1979.