Sabotage against The United Oil Company 13-08-1943

Outline of the sabotaged area of the service station.

The company facade towards Lyngbyvej.

The Service stations’ workshop viewed from the office towards the car workshop.

The workshop of the service station viewed from the car workshop in direction towards the spare part room.

The spare part room of the service station. To the left in the picture you can see a collapsed wall towards the lubrication hall.


The company had previously repaired cars for the Wehrmacht. At the time of the fire, a car from the Nazi party DNSAP was parked in the workshop waiting for repair. Several explosive charges were used to destroy the workshop, along with four gas bottles to increase the effect of the blast.



Hjørnet af Lyngbyvej og Bomhusvej


0 København


N. M. Saxtorph, H. Christensen, J. Hjamp, O. Tommysen, K. Mejding og "Jonathan"

AS-16747, UK-2165



HH's liste og N.M. Saxtorph (FHM 14266)