Sabotage against Privatbanen’s Depot and Workshops 15-08-1943

Privatbanernes depot in Aalborg after the sabotage on August 15th 1943.

Outline of the crime scene.

Map section of the area. The crime scene is marked in red.

The backside of the depot viewed towards Vestre Landgrøft.

The 6 depots viewed from the turntable.

Locomotive no. 34 with left feeding valve blasted.

Locomotive no. 29 with right cylinder blasted.

Locomotive no. 40 with left cylinder blasted.

Locomotive no. 28 with chimney blasted away and a blasted hole from the top down to the smoke chamber.

Locomotive no. 32. There is blasted a hole down to the tubular chamber in the front end of the locomotive.

A tear gas bomb found at the crime scene. A shows it in full condition, B with the lid taken off, and C with the contents taken out.

Locomotive no. 27 with right feeder valve blasted.

Safety fuse with a matchstick head found at the crime scene.


Six locomotives belonging to Privatbanen were destroyed and half of their depot was blown up.



Ålborg Ladegård


48 Ålborg

Heins og J.P. Jensen