Sabotage against Espe Furniture Factory 13-04-1943

10. The floor in the north corner of the factory building. There has been a partial clean up before the picture was taken.

11. The floor in the North corner in the factory building, viewed from the south window in the east gable. There has been a partial cleaning up before the picture was taken.

Map section of the crime scene. The fire damaged furniture factory is marked with a red arrow.

2. The factory before the fire. The fire occurred in the closest corner.

Ground plan of the factory and the surrounding area. The angles on the police pictures are shown in green numbers.

Ground plan of the 1st floor of the factory.

5. The fire site and the residential housing viewed in the direction towards west.

8. The fire site viewed the west.

9. The fire site viewed from the roof of the storage shed.


Arson attack at Espe Furniture Factory. The factory’s owner was a known collaborator. The establishment was set alight by using stacked chairs as a bonfire.



Langgade 22


26 Fåborg