Sabotage against Ernst Pilgaard’s Shoe Factory 23-08-1943

Outline of the factory building ground floor with closest surroundings.

Outline of the fire-ravaged premises on ground floor. ”1” marks the site, where they found the remains of a fire bomb and 2 so called “detonators”. Devices to time set the bomb...

Factory building viewed from the courtyard.

Workshop on 1st floor above the shoe storage room. In the front you can see a row of destroyed sewing machines.

The shoe storage room viewed towards the north. In front of the clog-storage room there is laying an amount of leather material. On the top shelf to the right was the firebomb 3 placed.

The shelf where firebomb ”3” was placed. The arrow shows the charge itself.

The firebomb”3”. The parcel made of brown wrapping paper contained 12 petrol firebombs of English origin.

The table in the workshop, where they found the remains of a firebomb. The discovery is marked with a red arrow.

"1" marks the bomb fragments found under the table in the workshop. ”2” shows the bomb fragments found between the shoe storage place and the workshop, while ”3” is the unpacked unexploded firebomb from the shoe storage room.


The factory, which had delivered almost 4000 children's shoes to Germany and waders to the Wehrmacht, lost two extension buildings in the flames. Three fire bombs were used at the sabotage, one of which failed.



St. Sct. Mikkelsgade 10


57 Viborg




Helmuth Spanggaard Pedersen: Viborg under besættelsen, 1971, s. 75.