Sabotage against Danish Industry Syndicate 10-05-1943

Map section of the closer area. The sabotaged company is marked with a red cross.

Close up of the hole in the floor in front of the switchboard.

The electrical switchboard on the 1st floor. Just beneath the board, you can see the crater from the explosion, covered with boards.

Outline of the three floors of the factory building. On the ground floor there is the entrance from Aarhusgade. On the first floor a red cross shows the place where the explosive device was placed...

The collapsed walls to the office just south of the switchboard.

A smoke blackened wall , leaning on which there was a now burned airplane plan.

The company’s premises ravaged after the explosion. The explosion tore a heavy iron door of its hinges, which was slung about 10mtrs through the company premises.

Dansk Industri Syndikat buildings viewed from Aarhusgade.

The collapsed partition room to the offices and design offices on the 1st floor viewed from the switchboard.

The collapsed walls in the ground floor inside the entrance.


The entrance was very heavily guarded. Nevertheless, an explosive bomb was planted and this completely destroyed the power distributors. The company's offices and drawing room were similarly damaged.





0 København


Oscar Verner.


KF5-497, KF5-480


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Esben Kjeldbæk: Sabotageorganisationen BOPA, 1997.