Sabotage against Copenhagen’s Frihavn's Limited Company 11-05-1943

I. Shed no. 15-16 viewed from the south from door no.16.

Outline of the company and the surrounding area.

III. The shed no.15-16, viewed from the north, from door no.16.

V. Shed no. 15-16 viewed from the north, from door no.15.

VI. Shed no.15-16 viewed from the inside towards west.

IV. Storage of rush matts in shed no.15-16.

VIII. The northern gable of the sheds viewed to the south.

II. Shed no. 15-16 viewed from the south, from door no. 15.

IX. The southern gable on shed no.15-16.

VII. The fire damaged shed no. 15-16 viewed from the northeast.

X. The fire area viewed from outside. The picture is taken 5 minutes after the fire broke through the roof of the building.

XII. Shed no.13-14 inside, viewed to the north.

XIII. The sheds 13-14 and 15-16 viewed from neighboring company Det Danske Kulkompagni.

XI. Shed no.13-14 from the inside, viewed towards east.


The company’s wooden shed was being used to store mattresses for the Wehrmacht. Unknown perpetrators set fire to the warehouse and caused a good deal of damage to the building.





0 København



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