Sabotage against Christian Petersens Body Shop Factory 26-08-1944

The company’s facade towards Nørreport and the Kærlighedsstien. The explosive charge was probably thrown through the big windows out to the street. In the center of the picture you can see the undamaged body shop plant.

The crater from the explosion in the paint shop.

The severe damaged workshop localities viewed from the side of the yard.

The crater in the floor after the explosion in the plumber’s workshop.

A part of the destroyed warehouse of generators and spare parts belonging to the Værnemagten.

The damaged company. Arrows I and II show the explosion sites. I is in the painting company, while II is in the car body shop.

Close up of the car body shop. The explosion site is marked with a red arrow.


The company worked for German interests. Threeexplosive charges were used in the action. Prior to the sabotage, a warning had been received by telephone about an imminent attack.



Nørregade 22


41 Århus


Niels Christian Madsen, Werner Clausen og Kaj Christensen



Niels Kristian Madsen (FHM 14155), Werner Clausen (FHM 13992), Kaj Christensen (FHM 13981)