Sabotage against Chartered Surveyor Aage Alexander Zoffmanns residence 10-04-1944

Outline of the interior of the villa. The fire damaged office is marked with red shading. The “a” and “b” show the sites, where the police later found vomit that probably originated from the perpetrator.

Villa property viewed from the north.

The fire-ravaged office.

The fire damaged office. The dotted line shows the probable hotbed.

The fire-ravaged office.

The hallway of the villa with the stairs to the upper floor.

The dining-room in the villa. The red arrows mark the discovered vomit, probably from the perpetrator.

The villa property viewed from the south.


The chartered surveyor carried out significant survey work for the Wehrmacht in Jutland and often expressed his German-friendly sympathies.



Vestergade 41


59 Herning