Sabotage against Café Jomsborg 06-01-1944

Café Jomsborg on the corner of Dynkarken and Mindegade. The explosion crushed many of the windows in the building.

The stairway of the cafe. You can see the end wall of the pub collapsed over the stairs.

The pub room viewed from the stairway through the hole in the end wall.

The other room of the Café. The red arrow marks the holes down to the floor below.


The café, which was owned by restaurateur Justine Nielsen, was mainly used by German soldiers. Three explosions completely razed the premises and blasted a hole in the cement floor through to the business downstairs.



Dynkarken 2


41 Århus

Einer Sørensen og Henrik Platau


KL-2516, KL-2496

Poul Borchsensius: Bogen om Leif, 1946, s. 17.