Sabotage against Axel Eriksen & Co. A/S Machine workshop (I/S Carltorp) 07-02-1943

Situation outline of the company complex.

Close up outline of the workshop building damaged sabotage. The numbered angles show from where the pictures were taken by the police, while the underlined figures show where the footprints were.

1. The sabotaged interior of the machine workshop, viewed towards the southern gate. Pointed out is the destroyed grinding machine ”1” and the two destroyed turret lathes ”2” and ”3”.

2. One of the sabotaged turret lathes. The Lathe was used for serial production of metal parts.

3. A very much damaged sabotaged turret lathe. Most of the machine is crushed or blasted away.

4. Close up of the blasted grinding machine.

5. The southern gate of the machine workshop viewed from the yard. The arrows “1” and “2” show the found footprints.


An explosive charge went off at the company’s premises. Windows, wall partitions and roof panels etc. were damaged or blown to pieces. Later, the remains of unexploded home-made bombs were found.



Roskildevej 371


3 Københavns Amt Søndre Birk


Svend Aage Olsen



KL-624, KL-622

HH's liste og Hallstrøm (FHM 14029)

Esben Kjeldbæk: Sabotageorganisationen BOPA, 1997.