Sabotage against A/S Frederiksberg Metal Products Factory 20-01-1943

10. Compressed air pump. The red arrow shows, where they found an unexploded explosive charge squashed in between the cylinders of the pump.

11. Close up of the compressed air cylinder. The arrow and the white paper show, where the unexploded explosive charge was.

12. The air pressure cylinder viewed from the one end of the pump. The arrow and the whitepaper show, where the unexploded explosive charge was.

13. The company fencing towards Mariendalsvej 52. The police found it likely that the perpetrator gained access to the factory over the fencing.

Outline of the whole factory complex. You can see the sabotaged part below to the left.

Outline of a part of the sabotaged metal factory. The numbered angles show from where the police have taken the pictures.

1. The explosion damaged building viewed towards north from the courtyard.

2. The explosion damaged building as viewed from the north east from the yard area.

3. The company’s switchboard viewed from the machine hall.

4. The back side of the switchboard.

7. Stairs to the pressing hall. The black line points out the place where the remains of an empty tin can, used by one of the perpetrators, was found.

8. The model storage room. The arrow to the right shows the door to the grinding hall.

9. The model storage room viewed from the grinding hall.


There was probably an explosion and subsequent fire.



Mariendalsvej 50


1 Frederiksberg


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