Sabotage against A/S Flax Factory 29-11-1943

The east end of the battery room as viewed through a window from Buchwaldsgade. In the background you can get a glimpse of the framing of the door to the yard. The red arrow shows where the explosive charge was placed.

The door to the stairs, where the explosive charge was placed.

Door to the stairs viewed to the control room.

Discovered blast fragments from the bomb. Group 1 shows parts of a pocket watch, used as a time-setting device. Group 2 is small blast fragments of zinc.

Map section of Tommerup. The flax factory was about in the middle. The area where the flax stacks were is drawn in red.

Closer map section. The area of the factory is drawn in red, while the area, where the hay stacks had been are drawn in red.

The flax-stacks storage room as viewed to the east. The burned down stacks were between the fence and even more burned down stacks. There had been 52 stacks in total at the site.

The eastern side of the power plant building with gate C in the background. To the right you can see the outside elevator on the gable of the normal-factory. The red arrow shows the place where the explosives were placed.

Close up picture of the stairs where the explosive charge was placed. The blasted stairs led to the control room, while there was a battery room in the cellar.

Close up of the stairwell to the basement. The explosive charge was located about near the tip of the red arrow.

The power station gable towards Buchwaldsgade.


The time was approximately 20.30 when unknown perpetrators set fire to A/S Flax Factory. The factory suffered severe damage in the fire.



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