Cutting the first sod for the Svendborg Motorway

Spade used to cut the first turf for the Svendborg motorway which opened in 2002. The spade is now at Møntergården in Odense. Photo: Jens Gregers Aagaard.


In 2002, Jan Boye, formerly county mayor, cut the first sod for the new motorway between Odense and Svendborg. This initial cutting of the sod can be seen as a manifestation of power.

Power and revolt Power has appeared in many guises on this large island at the heart of Denmark. With coins and monuments and by prohibitions and punishments, successive rulers have reminded the people of Funen who was in charge. However, in opposition to this power, rebellion lurked! Power on display In the Middle Ages, kings and nobles began to stage themselves in the urban space. In Nyborg and Odense’s central squares, society’s elite would promenade on their way to royal banquets and other events. This made them visible to the citizens and demonstrated their wealth and powerful position in society. Large signs at major public construction projects announce who is funding the work – for example the Danish parliament or the EU. When these projects are begun or completed, the men and women in authority come and either cut the first turf with a silver spade or sever the opening ribbon with golden scissors.
This location is part of the exhibition 'Funen – at the centre of the universe', at Møntergården in Odense. Read more about the exhibition on our website.