Aarhus Kommunes Feriehjem GB

Århus Kommunes feriehjem. 1962

Århus Kommunes gamle Feriehjem


Aarhus Municipal Holiday Home

The Aarhus Municipal Holiday Home was built in 1949. The land was purchased by Mr Timm, a local farmer, who owned the farm known as Bjørnkær on the other side of the road. The holiday home buildings were originally pieced together by barracks built to house German refugees towards the end of World War II, but they were later rebuilt. These barracks were used as a holiday home for children and pensioners – able-bodied as well as disabled. To begin with, the home was only used during the summer period, but gradually the period was extended, and there were guests all year round. In later years, the home was extremely popular with pensioners, who would come for a week’s holiday with good food close to the sea and plenty of fresh air. Due to municipal economic constraints, the place was put up for sale. The Egmont Folk High School rented some of the rooms for a while, but the buildings are now owned by the maritime continuation school in Hou and have been converted into pupil accommodation , common rooms, and a lecture theatre.